My debut novel A New Moon Rises is now available!

Maritza always thought Papa’s stories were just that, stories. Sea serpents and greedy jaguars were just silly tales made up for the children of the village, until they became something more. After a frightening, mystical encounter leaves her sister Isadora’s life in danger, Maritza must abandon her doubts and trust in herself. Tasked with a journey of legend and sacrifice, can Maritza find the strength to save her sister? She has until the new moon rises to decide or Isadora could be lost forever.

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Once Upon a Wednesday Final

My short story Never Again has a place among an anthology featuring authors from the writing group Author’s Tale. The proceeds will benefit the organization Literacy for Incarcerated Teens. Learn more about the cause and support here.

The group brings together authors of any genre in a support of creativity and growth. The group is lead by Cayce Berryman. Please visit her website here. You can find and join us on Facebook.

This is the group’s first endeavor into publishing, and for many of the authors, their first published work.

Available Now!

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