Love Triangles and why I Hate Them

It’s true, I can’t stand these trendy young adult love triangles. Every time I come across one, which is pretty often, I know I’m in for a bunch of unsatisfying mess.

Subplots are great. Other things need to happen around the over arching main plot. Subplots are great connective tissue to propel the story and development. I’m not against that. What I’m against is the formulaic “nice guy who understands you and has always been there for you,” vs. “sexy, mysterious rake who will hurt you, justify it, and will make you think he’s changed, but really you just get used to him.” Both are centered around a poor damsel who is made better by the presence of the boys around her. Depressing.

The main character should shine on their own. Secondary characters should compliment the protagonist. If the main character is only interesting because her boyfriends are telling her she is, or are simply more interesting themselves, then the main character needs more development. Rounding out the main character improves the quality of the literature, and shows off an author’s unique voice. The story is generally about the main character right? If the other characters turn out better, then maybe the story be about one of them.

Another thing that gets me about love triangles is that they don’t set a great example or portrayal of teens and young adults. Constant betrayal and indecision where people’s hearts are concerned. It may just be fiction, but how has “reality” TV spilled into actual reality?

Here’s what I hate most. I care for all characters not just the main. The worst thing is, the guy who always stands by the main character is honest, forthright, considerate, strong, and everything else desirable, but he never wins! The girl always end up trying to change the mystery man, or changing herself to fit him. It’s all so disappointing.

Everyone just please, your stories are so good even without this Don’t worry I’ll keep reading. But, if I ever write a love triangle such as these, hold me accountable.