Phoenix Always by Jae Dawn

Phoenix Always

Phoenix Always is the debut novel of Young Adult author Jae Dawn. The book is a new take on the classic vampire creature. I’m not into vampires myself, or series so I initially wasn’t interested. I’m glad I gave it chance, because Phoenix Always is awesome!

The first in the Immortal Souls series, Phoenix Always stars the protagonist Phoenix as a young woman on the constant cycle of rebirth. In this life she lives in New Orleans and is finally happy with herself and wants to live this life full out, no more reincarnation. Of course that would be too easy, enter vampires. But don’t expect the burning sun or suspicious bats.

I love this adventure because even after centuries of living, the main character is still learning about themselves. Her dreams, desires and regrets all the same. This is a supernatural YA, and the plot is at the forefront, but the characters are enriching and interesting on their own. That really appeals to someone like myself who primarily enjoys literary fiction.

There isn’t much I didn’t like about this book. Some character ticks are overly emphasized, there could be more description in the scenery and the supporting character is very wishy-washy (I think she may be bipolar). Aside from that, Phoenix Always is very well written and unique in its genre.

I recommend Phoenix Always to YA readers who love vampires, romance, and the action to back it up. I’ll be waiting for the next book.