Ignited by A. M. Deese



I’ve recently had the pleasure to read Ignited by debut young adult author A. M. Deese. This fantasy world is full of intrigue, magic, corruption and of course dragons. This wonderful story is told in multiple points of view by a diverse cast of characters, and twists the conventional perceptions of the young adult genre.

The story has an unexpected opening. The main character, Jura, awkwardly stumbles into top ranks of her people’s governing power. I found this introduction quite charming as the author establishes the rules of the world but also shows us that the heroine has much room to grow. Trust me when I say, Jura will need to be a quick study.

The perception of “power” is multifaceted. There are those with actual magical powers, but they aren’t the people in charge. In fact they’re the complete opposite depending on where they live. So many cultural, political and religious factors contribute to the intricate world Deese has created. The theme of power and control is a deep seeded theme throughout the story.

The imagery is so beautiful. The vast desert, a glass palace and an arena for fighting dragons filled with spectators. Deese has a true talent for writing action scenes. The pacing is heart pounding and she intelligently slows down and speeds up the action at strategic moments. It was like watching a film.

Ignited is the first in a series of books. According to Deese, the next book Submerged is already in its first round of editing and I cannot wait! Buy your copy today!

Find out more about A. M. Dress at her website.