Welcome to MelodyGreene.com. Here you’ll be able to read about my insights concerning literature, as well as stay up to date with my personal projects such as book releases.

I am a writer with a focus on literary fiction. My writing centers around the ways in which people rationalize their behavior to themselves and/or come of age. I explore inner conflict and the expression of said conflict in one’s life in characters of all ages. I take an organic approach by simply letting the character be. I delve into the mind of  a character and see if they can reach self understanding, or instead succumb to their own ego.

Outside of my literary interests I am also a Latin dancer. I love creativity in a variety of mediums. Whether its a recreated family photo, or a whimsical commercial choreographed with a baby eating chips, it is all fascinating to me.

Please enjoy the content you see here, and feel free to reach out!