Guest Post: Melody Greene: Someday My Princes Will Come

Characters should win or lose by their own power!

Cari Jehlik

Welcome back to the final week of my guest post fantasy series! This has been SO MUCH FUN for me to get to dive into the minds of other fantasy writers, to read where they land on issues, and to see what they write about when given ultimate freedom. 

The final post here wraps up with a great reminder about contemporary fiction with female leads and I love this. It’s a GREAT reminder as a writer with female lead characters to remember what’s important and to AVOID certain common pitfalls in the writing. 

So buckle up and dive into Melody’s take on female leads and how to avoid barfing on your own keyboard. 

Oh heavens I’ve fallen into a magical lake and come through to a rosy world of elves and angels that will be destroyed if I don’t save the day. How can I accomplish this? I don’t know…

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